Topic 2: Reflections

Coping with copying….

The shift of traditional culture into the digital cultural space has led to digital copying and I don’t just mean re-tweeting. Copying is like someone re-tweeting what you say but not attributing the original tweet to the author. Another analogy is that copying is like taking a beautiful scenic picture probably taken on someones travels to an exotic country that has been Instagrammed and re-instagramming with your own tagline “my travels”, receiving many likes and popularity along with it. The continued use creates an impression that you are a well-traveled person. The copier has subsequently taken a part of your life. I often ask the question how you personally would feel if you were that person on both perspectives. No-one would like their personality copied ? Many don’t even know that there are copying and not attributing images correctly. 

Against this backdrop there are few open educational resources that are available and I would like to share what I have learnt on the topic “how to find and use openly licensed images”. I would like to share a contribution on how to find and resource pictures using creative commons. “Creative Commons helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world.”

Firstly, I log-on to creative commons website : .

Secondly, click on to “Search creative commons” – top right  

Thirdly, type in the name of the picture you are wanting to use e.g : “system” and click on the tabs flickr, google images, pixabay….

Lastly, download save and use.  

In conclusion, the use of free or referenced pictures in practice as an academic role creating power-point slides and lesson plans, is vitally important to creating a culture model to students to emulate on their own academic journeys.



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